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Each year thous和s of Minnesotans exit incarceration 和 come back into our community. Too often it feels that even though they have served their sentence, they are continually defined by that worst day,decision or moment. 

Ramsey County 和 the 劳动力 Innovation Board of Ramsey County are offering information, resources 和 events to help employers better underst和 the value of 招聘 individuals impacted by the criminal justice system.


  • Come network with fellow 招聘 professionals, learn from experts, 和 get inspired by the work of artists from Art from the Inside 和 learn about 招聘 justice-impacted individuals at the Inclusive Hiring Connections Summit on January 24, 8:30 a.m. 到1p.m. Find new talent pipelines 和 discover tools for implementing innovative 和 effective 招聘 practices to increase diversity 和 inclusiveness in your organization. Choose from a variety of breakout sessions, led by workforce experts, on topics such as skills-based 招聘, youth internships, accommodating employees with disabilities 和 more. You can also visit tables at the Training Resources Fair to connect with community training programs that develop skilled workers for multiple industries. 现在注册! 
  • 我们内心的力量 helps support young adults ages 16-24 who are currently on probation in Ramsey County connect to paid job training 和 education programs. Resource sessions are held every second Tuesday from 4-5:30 p.m. at Arlington Hills Community Center.  了解更多.

Employer Resources:

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The Fair Opportunities Hiring initiative is a collaboration between Ramsey County, the 劳动力 Innovation Board of Ramsey County 和 many community partners, including Alpha Emergence Behavioral Health, Art from the Inside, 重新提供动力, 努力招聘Ujamaa地方 我们解决